Adult Driver Education Options

Ages 18+

Taking Adult Driver Education to New Heights

Secure Lane Driving School is committed to creating safe, responsible adult drivers. Whether you require Texas mandotory driver education for new drivers ages 18-24 years, you haven’t driven before or you need a Defensive Driving course, Secure Lane Driving School has your adult driver education needs covered. 

Classroom Adult Driving Education

If you are aged 18-24 and do not have a driver’s license from another state or country, the State of Texas requires you to complete an approved driver education course, as well as a driving skills test to become a license driver in Texas.

Driving Only

Secure Lane Driving School offers on-the-road driving lessons for Adults. We know that there is no substitute for behind the wheel training for those no previous driving knowledge or haven’t experienced driving in the USA and our instructors understands the unique challenges of new adult drivers.

Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving isn’t just a class to get out of paying for a ticket. The tactics learned in our online course can help you become a safer driver and help you learn to avoid accidents. As an added bonus, many insurance companies offer a discount for drivers who have undertaken this type of course.  

Online Defensive Driving

Online Driving Courses

We understand that in-person courses aren’t right for everyone.  We offer online adult driving courses where you can learn the the rules of the Texas roads at your own pace in the comfort of your home. For adults 18-24 who are new drivers, an online course may be the right option for you.

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Payment Methods

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