Taking Drivers’ Education to Greater Heights!

Getting Started – Five Easy Steps:

1. Call our Office at 972.924.8675

2. Choose from our flexible schedule

  • 3. First day Student Needs:
    • a) Completed Enrollment
    • b) Tuition Payment
    • c) Paper & Pen
  • 4. Bring the following original documents for DPS:
    • a) Birth Certificate, Passport or Resident Card
    • b) Social Security Card
    • c) VOE - Verification of Enrollment form (from high school)

5. Leave the rest to us!


Students may download and bring this filled in form on the first day of class or complete at our office:
(Please print in Landscape mode)

Secure Lane Driving School Form

Make your appointment by calling our office 972.924.8675 or submitting a Class Schedule Form:

TEEN Classes at SLDS - ANNA


Acceptable Payment Methods *

Payment Methods

*Credit Cards, Checks, Cash, or over the phone payments